Due to recent COVID-19 compliance we require that clients and therapist are wearing a facial mask for the duration of the session. We strive to ensure safety & quality every time. Please adhere to CDC suggestions by washing hands with soapy water  and wearing a mask before your Cannabliss Massage™ therapist arrives. 


Best to avoid eating an hour before your massage. Visit the restroom if you've had lots to drink before the session. All that pressure on your mid to low back will not be relaxing if your bowels are full.

3. silence your phone

This is the perfect time to unplug all together. Rest easy knowing that this time is yours to relax. Nobody wants to be startled out of bliss by the spontaneous dinging of messages.


Your therapist will typically tell you this before your massage but remember you will have total

privacy to get undressed. You will also get cozy underneath the provided sheets. You will be strategically covered by sheets so that only the areas being worked on will be exposed. You will either undress down to your underwear or go completely nude. Either choice is completely fine.


If your prefer light pressure, medium, firm or deep simply let your therapist know. Often certain areas of the body are more sensitive to touch and pressure and CBD helps take the edge off sensations however, every body is different. If a certain area felt especially great with deep pressure but not others then mention it. Some people prefer to spend more or less time on problematic areas. Its not rude to let your therapist know that. She is there to customize this session to your needs. Keep the communication open so

you can more easily drift off into relaxation and comfort.

In the same respect don't feel that you need to chat. Some small talk is okay, but its not uncommon to fall asleep or to lay there in total silence. This is your time to close your eyes and enjoy the experience. This is not the time to strike up a conversation with your

massage therapist. Most importantly the recipient of a massage should be focused on their breathing. Deep inhales and exhales expedite the release of tension.

6. leave a tip

It is pretty much expected to leave 20% gratuity these days. You can give your therapist cash directly or you can add it to your credit card bill. When using a gift card bring some cash to use for your tip, unless it has been indicated the tip has been covered.

7. shower

Massage Therapists are providing a close contact service. Squeeze in a shower before your appointment if possible. We really appreciate when clients are clean and dry.

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