Frequently asked questions

What is CBD?

CBD (CANNABIDIOL) is a component of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Different from its counterpart THC. When applied topically CBD can soothe inflammation and pain. When taken orally, it can alleviate anxiety by promoting feelings of calmness and bliss. This is all because of our very own Endocannabinoid Receptors found in the skin and all along the central nervous system.

Is CBD illegal?

NO, CBD is legal in all 50 states.

Will I fail a drug test after receiving a CBD massage?

The answer is no. CBD applied topically only penetrates the skin and doesn't enter the blood stream. Furthermore, standard drug testing searches for the compound THC. The various CBD topicals used at Cannabliss Massage™ are void of THC.

Can I receive a CBD massage while pregnant?

Yes. CBD is safe to use whie pregnant. It has analgesic qualities that work fast to relieve aches and pain associated with pregnancy.

How will I feel after a Cannabliss Massage™?

You will feel very relaxed and satisfied. Both CBD and massage therapy promote relaxation. Some people notice a warm sensation and an overall sense of calmness after a Cannabliss session. Others realize that their initial pain is relieved. Generally everyone feels better. Our massage therapists strive for superior quality and service.

Which safety precautions can I expect during Covid-19 pandemic?

CANNABLISS MASSAGE™ adheres to the strict and effective protocols suggested by CDC. Therapist and clients are urged to wear a mask and wash hands with soapy water before and after every session. Massage tables and supplies are sanitized between each session. Electronic payment is accepted.

Where can I receive a Cannabliss Massage™?

Due to the strict regulations of Covid-19, our Hermosa Beach, Ca studio is permanently closed. However, you may still book a Mobile CBD Massage and a trained CBD massage therapist will travel to your space.

Can I purchase a gift card for Cannabliss Massage™?

Yes, electronic gift certificates are available and can be used as a form of virtual payment in leiu of cash or credit card. These are a great gift for anybody in need of therapeutic relief. If you would like to know more about purchasing an electronic gift card please send a request to Anisia@cannablissmassage.net


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